Samajam, world’s oldest ayurveda centre, presents Aloma, Romanthaka Thylam, an effective Ayurveda preparation for Unwanted Facial Hair. Aloma is now made available to everyone as the cases in Unwanted Facial Hair are on the increase.

Aloma helps women who are irritated by Unwanted Facial Hair and can be applied on any skin type. Aloma stops the growth of hair but works slowly. Aloma is a 100% natural ayurvedic preparation

Aloma is available in Oil form.

Every woman wishes to have a silky-smooth, hairless face. Unwanted facial hair, or UFH, can be a few individual hairs on the chin, a light growth on the upper lip, peach fuzz on the cheeks, or coarse, dark hair in any of these areas. Only you can decide if your facial hair is unwanted - one woman may find the slightest growth on her lip or chin terribly bothersome, while another woman may have visible hair on her upper lip and not be bothered at all. Except for your lips, palms of your hands, and soles of your feet, your entire body is covered with hair follicles. On most areas of the body, hair is peach fuzz - thin, fine hair that is called "vellus" hair. Unwanted Facial Hair (UFH) is more common than you might think: millions of women in the world remove unwanted hair at least once in six months, with appx 20% of those removing UFH weekly, and 4% of them removing it every single day. Managing UFH has become one of the most unmanageable things among women. Women seek different methods but still find it difficult.

Shaving, the most common method to remove hair is one preferred option. But that’s for the menfolk. Moreover it is a temporary method of facial hair removal that is not recommended for women. Regrowth tends to occur rapidly.

Tweezing is another option. But it is painful. It is good to remove small areas of unwanted facial hair. The hair is plucked out at the root.

Depilatory creams, gels and lotions etc.contain a chemical that alters the structure of the hair for easy removal. This chemical can be irritating to skin, so use of this especially on the face can be a risk as to some it can create chemical burns.

Waxing is yet another, but quite common. But you have to do it every 4 to 6 weeks. The hair becomes affixed to the wax and the wax is then pulled off the skin, taking the hair with it. This too is painful. Moreover, there can be allergic reaction.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method in which an electrical current is used to destroy the hair root. Several treatments may be required over a period of time, as each hair follicle must be destroyed individually.

Laser hair removal is a better one. It can be expensive and time-consuming, and it may not be permanent.


Aloma is meant for use by women. Children under 12 are advised NOT TO USE Aloma, as hair growth in some children may stop by itself later when they enter adulthood. Usage of Aloma does not prevent you from use of other chemical drugs already used by you for Unwanted Hair Removal.