Frequently Asked Questions

ALOMA is an Ayurvedic remedy for Unwanted facial Hair. Naturally you may have few questions, we are sure. Following are some of the FAQs.

Aloma is a 100% Natural ayurvedic preparation using rare handpicked herbs. Manufactured in traditional ovens and utensils for maintaining heat control Aloma is prepared under the supervision of best Ayurveda Physicians.

ALOMA is an OTC generic product. But Ayurveda products are individual-centric. For best results it is better to consult our physician for an exclusive personal Aloma preparation.

Generally Aloma should be effective with every person. In case result is not seen even after use of Aloma for 12 consecutive weeks without fail, it is advised to consult our Doctor for an effective formula of Aloma.

ALOMA pierces into the hair follicle and uproots the hair and stops hair growth, thus giving a dependable remedy for Unwanted Facial Hair. It works with all skin types and all hair color.

For the best results, ALOMA should be used twice a day in the morning and evening and should be applied atleast one hour before you wash your face.

Yes. ALOMA can be used with your usual cosmetic products. Apply Aloma first and wait for it to dry before using any such products.

Aloma has to be used regularly for desired results. But as human beings err, once or twice in case you miss nothing should prevent the result. In no case you should not try to make up the missed ones with additional quantity.

ALOMA is available as an OTC product. It is sold Online and also in select stores. As mentioned earlier the service of a Doctor is recommended for persons with very thick hair or persons who could not find a satisfactory result.

ALOMA is a safe Ayurvedic product. It should not have any side effects as is with any Ayurveda product. But, in the rarest of occasions, if found reacting to hyper sensitive skin Aloma should be discontinued immediately and consult a Doctor.

ALOMA is meant for use by women and may not work in men. Children under 12 are advised NOT TO USE Aloma, as hair growth in some children may stop by itself later when they enter adulthood. Usage of Aloma does not prevent you from use of other chemical drugs already used by you for Unwanted Hair Removal.

Improvement is seen in patients after use of Aloma from 8 weeks of continuous use. Preferred use is 12 weeks plus.

ALOMA can be used with any hair removal treatments. Usage of Aloma does not prevent you from use of other chemical drugs already used by you for Unwanted Hair Removal.

Yes. Unlike other UFH management methods Aloma is a permanent remedy rather than a management in normal situations. In case of thick hair it is suggested that a consultation with one of Samajam’s Doctors is recommended. Remember, Ayurveda is an individual centric medical system. Samajam, www.samajam.org , is the manufacturer of Aloma.

Aloma is an Ayurvedic, Herbal, Vegan oil. Dip your finger into the bottle and apply on the affected area well. Aloma should be applied twice daily. Once applied leave Aloma for one hour to pierce through the hair follicles. You can wash Aloma after one hour. Repeat the same during night.

In typical situation Aloma should get you results from 8 to 12 weeks of continuous usage without break. As mentioned earlier, in cases of thick hair a permanent solution can be achieved only after consultation with one of Samajam doctors.

One bottle of Aloma is 50ml. Aloma is supplied in 100 ml in 2 bottles. 100 ml. is sufficient for one month’s usage with 2 time application daily under normal conditions. If the area of UFH is more, you may have to use more.