Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted Facial Hair is a menace to women.

Ways to manage Unwanted Facial Hair

For the millions of women who manage their UFH, the large number of methods used should come as no surprise. There are products that cut, dissolve, lighten, remove and even alter the biological production of facial hair.

Underlying Medical Conditions and Hair Growth

Though heredity or age causes most UFH, some facial hair growth can be linked to an underlying medical condition that can cause an increase in androgen production, in turn causing UFH. One cause of excess androgens in the body is obesity. Fat retains androgen, so the more overweight a person is, the more androgen is kept in the body, potentially causing some male-patterned hair growth. Other medical causes for excessive hair growth can be polycystic ovary syndrome, or hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause. It's important to find a doctor to talk to if you notice any unusual or excessive hair growth.

Who has Unwanted Facial Hair?

Unwanted Facial Hair (UFH) is more common than you might think: millions of women in the world remove unwanted hair at least once in six months, with appx 20% of those removing UFH weekly, and 4% of them removing it every single day

The Ageing Process and Hair Growth

Another reason facial hair may begin to grow in women is the natural ageing process. Every woman has a normal amount of male hormones (called "androgens") in her body. As women age, the body produces more of these androgens which may cause an increase in hair growth on the chin, upper cheeks or neck area.

Aloma in Unwanted Facial Hair

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